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Re: Whats your "Back-up" transportation?

Well, I certianly fit into the mold of having my precious
Ur-Q with a spare or more running around.  My spare is an
84 Coupe GT, that was purchased at auction after a repo.
The car is nothing close to pristine, but I learned much
of my 4000 series lessons on it, saving 2nd time for
the UrQ.  

As of late, I seem to be developing a fleet of non-operating
or inappropriate backups.  I should not have to commute to work
in a fully stickered Pro-rally car, but I did when both "main"
audi's went lame this winter.  The two 4Kq's being combined into
a single runner don't really count as backups, but they sure
make fine spares cars!  Maybe that's a different thread, however.

paul t-