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crack in circuit board

 I just learned that our 1989 audi 100 has a hairline crack in the printed
circuit board behind the speedo and tach  on the instrument panel.
Surprising, a similar problem exists with my 89-200.  The crack will
affect your dash lights or guages in some fashion depending upon the
location of the crack.  The 89-100 will cure itself if you open and slam
shut the glove compartment -- it moves the cracked panel enought for
current to get through.  My local mechanic tried soldering a board and
it worked for awhile.  The audi dealer wants about 301.00 for the part,
while Santa Fee used audi parts markets an entire reconditioned
insturment cluster 250.00.  Tthe printed circuit board audi part number is   
443 919 059 AD .  Does anyone now the whereabouts of a
used part at a
reasonable price.  Has anyone had a similiar problem and how did you solve
it.  Is there a special trick to soldering the crack?
	I suspect that this problem is one others have experienced.
George Kotarapoglus    jkot@pitt.edu