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Re: fault codes

four.rings@MCIONE.com wrote:

>If you buy a 2-volume set for '84 to '88 5000 you'll be about 95% OK.
>There's no such animal as Audi 5000. It's a rebadged 100/200 with
>heavier bumpers, catalytic converter and crappy headlights.

And several differences in emissions-related equipment, not to mention
wiring. I'm glad I don't have to make do with a US Bentley manual for my
car- looking at the wiring diagrams, they could well be for entirely
different cars... never mind that my car has a carb instead of FI. And did
the old 80, called the Fox in the US, ever have a 1300cc engine?

Beware: some Euro-market cars were sold as stripped-out versions of the
US-market cars due to local marketing strategy, product placement,
legislation, etc. Even comparing equipment in a German-market car with
mine, you'll notice some differences.

In other words: yes, a Bentley manual might be useable for your repairs,
but don't rely on it too much... your best bet would be to get a proper
workshop manual as published by Audi for your car. Source? Autojumbles are



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