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Re: MAC11b ECU Trials & Tribulations

Well, as I last mentioned, I picked up an NTE54 to
replace the NEC C2334. It did indeed have an 8-amp 

It works fine, just ran the output tests, and just started
up the engine to idle it for a few minutes. Then, off to
the car wash to wash off road salt, back on the highway
for a full-boost run, and then back home for a repeat of
the input tests.

BTW, I forgot to mention in my previous post that when
I first hooked up the salvaged ECU, I noticed that two
of the wires in the ECU harness were cut. Christmas
day I looked up these wires in the Bentley to find they
go to the "ignition booster".

I hooked them back up last weekend, and it seems like
I'm getting a bit more power. Is the "ignition booster"
responsible for advancing the ignition timing?

The saga continues...
-Douglas Hurst Quebbeman (dougq@iglou.com)            [Call me "Doug"]
74 100LS Auto, 77 100LS Auto, 84 Coupe GT, 86 5Kcstq
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