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Re: quattro-digest V4 #1552

Date: Wed, 31 Dec 1997 05:51:56 -0800 (PST)
From: Michael Callaghan <mikecallaghan@yahoo.com>
Subject: TAP Chip & WG Spring in '90 200Q

Yesterday my local Audi specialist (Eurosport in Merrimack, NH)
received the chip and wastegate spring from Total Audi Performance.

They proceeded to install them both into my recently-purchased 1990
200Q. Here is a rundown of what I have experienced so far:

1) The wastegate spring, once installed, caused the engine to shut
down completely above 2000 RPM. The mechanic at Eurosport said that it
would take roughly two hours to tweak the wastegate to make it work
properly. They said that it's the same problem they had with a TAP
upgrade they installed in an S4 recently. I was under the impression
that this was a plug-and-play operation. (Plug and Pray?)

2) The spring is both longer, and has a larger diameter than the stock
spring. Is this correct, or was the wrong spring sent for my car?

3) With just the chip installed (the spring is in the glove box),
performance is no better than stock, and perhaps a bit worse. Maximum
turbo boost (according to the dashboard digital guage) is only 1.2
bar. I had been seeing 1.4 bar previous to the chip. So the question
here is: What exactly does the chip do?

Any assistance with these problems will be greatly appreciated. I am
hoping and praying that I did not just blow $500 for nothing. I don't
mind paying Eurosport another $100 to get it right, but I wasn't
anticipating having to do so.

This email is being sent to TAP, as well as the Q-List. However, I
want to make sure that no one thinks I'm trying to trash TAP's
reputation. I will defintely post the resolution to this problem
objectively when it occurs.

Mike Callaghan
1990 200Q 
1998 Ford Expedition


I own a 1990 200q also and I am very interested in what happens. I have
been doing some research over the past two months. I have information on
Intended Acceleration's chip and people who use it. Generally, people
say the increase in performance is about the same but IA's chip gives
you the boost pressure reading on the dashboard. Therefor it is a bit
safer to use. I am still learning.

1990 200q 137K