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Re: 200Q no start

   The fact that the lights do not dim when the key is in the START
   position clearly points to a faulty ignition lock contact group.

Au Contraire!

My UrQ starter/solenoid is a semibiannual replacement component, the
effing "solenoid" (that's 'Murican term) is embedded inside the starter
moter assembly, and dies fairly regularly (two-to-three years' lifespan
seems typical...), necessating replacement of the "starter". Next time
I may try to keep the "dead" starter and see if I can't take the damn
thing apart in spite of itself . . .

The symptom is exactly the above -- nothing happens when you turn the
key (+12 nicely delivered to the starter "solenoid", so it is *NOT*
the keyswitch, although that too has failed and been replaced).