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Re: What's your "Back-up" transportation?


   A hard question, this one...

   I own an '86 4000kq w/90k miles on it, and a '94 Ford Taurus SHO 5 spd.
w/35k miles...

   Now, both Audis + SHOs are not generally considered the most reliable of
cars (pace, Audi Gods), but you'd THINK that the 12 year old 90k car would
be less reliable than the 4 year old 35k car...however...

  It has been the $3,500 (plus a couple of thosand in initial repairs +
rep-lacements) Audi that's stepped in on the several occasions where lousy
Ford manufacturing quality controls resulted in catastrophic equipment
failures on the $20k+ SHO...failed clutches (2), failed radiator, gas tank,
starter...not to mention the various + assorted NON-catatrophic
annoyances...speedo, warped brake rotors, climate control buttons...(all
fixed under warranty, but still...).

   Soooooo...I guess my "new" car is my backup, and my "old" Audi is the
REAL stalwart...