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Re: 200Q no start

Igor said:
>    The fact that the lights do not dim when the key is in
>    position clearly points to a faulty ignition lock
contact group.

On the '89 200TQ this is very much correct, if the
headlights are not being turned off during the start
sequence. The ur-Q may have another setup. The Load
Reduction relay at position #5 in the main fuse panel/box
under the hood can be checked with a test light to see if
the ignition switch +12V signal at terminal 25 is turned
off when the key is turned to the second (start) position.
The wiring diagram shows a separate set of contacts in the
ignition switch to operate this load reduction relay. If
the ignition switch has gone through a thermal nuclear
meltdown it may prevent sufficient movement to the start
position. The wiring that connects to the ignition switch
should also be checked as well.

As mentioned, if you pull the Anti-theft relay #8 and check
to see if terminal 38  is getting the +12V start signal
when the key is turned all the way to the start position
you can confirm this problem with the ignition switch as
well. The lower knee bar panel can be taken off after
removing the side dash panel to gain access to the ignition
switch area.

Let us know what turns up

Scott Mo.