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82 4000S No Start

My newly purchased 82 4000s has been trouble free until this morning.

Last night was the first really cold night here in Philly(10). When I
went out to start the car this afternoon(temp still in the 20's) the
starter would crank fine but the car just wouldn't fire-up and run. I
tried without gas for several times. Then with giving it gas as I turned
the key and starter. Nothing.  After cranking a while the starter began
to sound slower so I removed the battery and put acharger on it.

This is the first (believe it or not) fuel injected car I have owned so
I'm not sure what to check or look for. I have a feeling its a moisture
problem-possible water in the lines or injectors that froze. I took off
the spark plug closest to the front and it was dry as a bone.

Any suggestions?
Lenny Seidman
Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, USA  
email: lseidman@erols.com