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Re: synthetics

Harrison Sapir wrote:
> sad story here: before i knew any better, I added a quart of Castrol Syntec to my
> 5000tq when it was down a quart. not knowing that the chemicals in synthetic oil
> actively repel those of standard oil, I drove on. One mile later the pressure in
> the system blew up an oil return line on the turbocharger. Oh, sometimes you learn
> things the hard way.

IMHO, that failure was a co-inky-dink! You didnít pay homage to the Audi
Gods (Goddesses?)

84 5KT (over 150Kmi running Mobil 1)
87 5KCST (25K since switching to Mobil 1)
Be careful of the toes you step on today, they may
be connected to the butt you kiss tomorrow.....