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Re: 200Q no start

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From: Robert Houk - SMCC WorkGroup Server Firmware
To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
Date: 01 January 1998 19:52
Subject: Re: 200Q no start

>My UrQ starter/solenoid is a semibiannual replacement component, the
>effing "solenoid" (that's 'Murican term) is embedded inside the starter
>moter assembly, and dies fairly regularly (two-to-three years' lifespan
>seems typical...), necessating replacement of the "starter". Next time
>I may try to keep the "dead" starter and see if I can't take the damn
>thing apart in spite of itself . . .
Its not difficult. When my starter began to play up I took it apart, it was
exactly the same as one that was fitted to a Ford that I owned a few years
back (not surprising really - they were both Bosch). The solenoid on the
Ford would fail once every 18 months, the quick fix was to give it a swift
whack with a hammer or jack handle and it would work again for a few days.
Unfortunately the Ur-q starter is in such a ridiculous place you cant do
that. anyway, I reckoned that the problem was down to rust/water in the
solenoid allowed in when the original paint/sealant cracked (heat, old
age?). The last time that I cleaned it out I gave all the case mateing faces
and the three long screws that hold it together a coat of instant gasket -
result, no more problems during the other 3 years that I ran the car.

Jim Haseltine
88 Ur quattro