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Re: ? Audi museum/tours

Hi Linda,

I was in Ingolstadt this summer, but I didn't take any tour of the plant.
Buy the way, the plant was very impressive seen from the outside... 

There is also a very, very nice museum with cars and bikes, from the very
first ones to futuristic prototypes (like the Avus) and rally/racing cars.
The TT and TTs is also there. Well worth the trip... from Sweden anyway...
I recommend a visit! This summer it was only opened Wed, Thu and Fri.

At the AudiCenter, the building where they deliver cars to cusomers who
whant's to pick up their new car directly at the plant, there is a Audi
Shop with lots of goodies, mostly Audi-clothes, watches, modelcars and
things like that.

I'm planning a homepage with pictures from the trip (Audi & Porsche
museum). I'll be back with the address when the page is ready.

Have a good trip... Any more questions, just mail me!

Perniklas Eriksson, Ystad, Sweden.

'95 A4TQ

At 11:38 1998-01-01 EST, you wrote:
>Has anyone visited the home office of Audi in Bavaria?   I would like to know
>if you have taken their prearranged tour of the plant, if the headquarters
>have a museum (similar to the BMW museum), and if you have seen their company
>We're planning a trip 1st week of March.   Ingolstadt (spelling) has very
>convenient and frequent train connections from Munich.   
>Thanks in advance,
>92 100CS