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Re: V8 For Sale

On Wed, 31 Dec 1997, Mike Hopton wrote:

>      > 91 AUDI V8  QUATTRO black w/ black int., 8 cylinder, 5 spd.,
>      > 190,000mi., Former Audio Company Executive. Over $30,000 >retail 
>      > worth of audio components by Nakamichi.. Please call and drive this 
>      > beautiful car. $33,999 (Allen Ahi (416)-373-1122) >North York,, ON
>      I don't know what Allen's smoking, but I want some. Last '91 V8 I saw 
>      in Toronto traded at 9,500 (CDN) with lower miles! Okay it was an 
>      automatic but I've "heard" these are "nicer' to drive than the manuals 
>      anyway. Oh I know I'm asking for trouble...
>      There was also a mint green '93 with 60,000kms for sale at $30K (CDN).
>      Regards, Mike
Well, the manual does command a premium over the  AT... but they think the
Nak gear does make it worth more. As an Audi and audio nut, I know (BTDT)
this is not really the case. You'd have to want all that gear, as is, to
find this worthwhile, Myself, I think Nakamichi is up there in the audio
hierarchy, and an all-black V8q 5-speed the ultimate type 44 (my favorite
style) so if I could afford it, I might consider it- but I can't, so
there's no point...
87 5kcst w/ $2500 retail worth of Rockford Fosgate, Orion, and ADS- still
worth $3500 on a good day:)