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headlight conversion

Well, I finally broke down and chucked my factory 89 100q headlights.  For
some reason I got tired of peering out the windsheild for objects in the
road as if I were wearing sunglasses.  Rather than going the Euro route,
$cha-ching$, I made a trip to the local boneyard and scavanged a pair of
82-86 head light buckets and bezels.  Total outlay =$85.  Next stop
Autozone, where I decided to buy 4 high beams(not sure of wattage, but
guessing 55w).  Total outlay =$35.  After some head scratching on how to
keep all four lights burning with the original switch, low and behold there
came a great flash of brilliant light from the front of the car.  As the
blind man would proclaim after the miracle, " I CAN SEE, I CAN SEE!!!! 
After two nights of driving this setup all I can say is WOW!!!!  Now I know
what some of you will say, (insert sniviling voice) "But Dave, I don't want
my car to look old".  Sniff, Sniff, GET OVER IT!  There's light here damit!
 The key to to lowering the cheese factor of the "chrome" bezels is to
spray paint them flat/gloss black along with the tin surrounds that hold
the light in the bucket.  Hopefully in the next week I can get a picture of
this setup posted to a friends computer so that anyone interested can take
a look at the finished product.  BTW, last price that I was quoted on the
Euro conversion was 350-400 per side. Ouch.  On the other hand this setup
will total around $120.