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Re: TAP Chip & WG Spring in '90 200Q

I had the TAP mod (spring and chip set) installed by Schaumburg Audi on my '92
S4 - took part of a morning and no problem - better performance (was stock).
As far as I could tell it was completely plug and play although they did
adjust and check actual boost limits.

I don't understand why you're having the problem - seems out of the ordinary.

Haven't tried Ned's IA for this car - although I'm curious if it would be
better than the TAP.  I did try his box in my '89 200TQ while at Summit Point
three + years ago.  It did make an immediate difference even without the
spring.  Took Ned maybe five minutes to do the temporary box installation, and
away we went.  

Don't know about Hoppen's product.

Bill Fuson