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Re: piston for mc engine

 ... last night, as I was cleaning up the engine compartment
>(Yes, I'm one of those!), 

Your not alone, I put a new hood on the UrQ and was/am very displeased 
that the breather hose loosened and bathed it in oil, very togh to 
clean.  Any ideas where those Sport Q's hoods are coming from that show 
up at some of the Q events?

d check out the pistons while it's apart.  It's my understanding (per
>several articles that appeared in VW/Audi Car magazine) that this is a
>common failiure for these cars, especially if they've been overheated, 
>mine was.

I wouldn't call it tempting fate, but rather easier now than later.  If 
I also wasn't a clean under the hood type, I would have just replaced 
the 1 piston, but as I was keeping the car and if other sources hadn't 
told me that the piston prices were extrememly reasonable & If 1 went in 
40K miles, fluke or not I replaced them all.  It would have killed me to 
unbutton it a year later for the same thing!
FWIW, my 25 cents bets that you've already dropped the oil pan :^)
Good Luck

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