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Re: Whats your "Back-up" transportation?

Mik Tip wrote:

> Lets start a "survey " amongst Qlisters, to see what everyone's
> "Back-up" transpo <snip>
>   Mik

Started this msg New Year's eve at 11:30AM
As I begin to type "Backup, hell do we need it. . ." Pam,
my Sig Other, yells up the stairs,  "Hey hon, the Audi won't start 
(her Jeep G. Wagoneer failed emissions test and now has no inspection
sticker)  I'm taking  the van . . . can you fix the Audi, we need to be
at my Mom's by 8".   You just can't make this stuff up.

How can Audi gods do this.  1997 maintenance/repair log indicates
offerings of $2K+.  And Pam's comments speak volumes about her attitude
towards "things" automotive.

Many thanks to the list for insights/help and humor this past year.
Without you, repair costs would have been mucho higher.

Happy New Year?
MJ Murphy
existing transport:
89 100 FWD, 3sp slushbox,    86 Jeep G. Wagoneer,   
96 E250 cargo van (company)
haggling over price transport :)
98 A4q Avant (5sp) - delivery expected soon after H#*L freezes over.
          so what if there's no rear legroom after I adjust driver seat.
          hey, what's this $495 dealer prep charge for, assembly?