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Re: In persuit if the infamous codes the rev counter jumps to 7200rpm, and other anomalies..

Okay, so that's the ABS relay. Never read about it here, nor did i know of
it's existence. Sorry for my ignorance.
I have looked under the bonnet :  No relay matching the description.

No, Doug.  You did not miss the initial post.
I do have the vehicle ID number, but the Danish distributor is *very*
reluctant/restrictive when comes to sharing info on a car they have not
imported ( ie. bought as new). Writing audi via their homepage, they tell me
that the Danish distributor will answer any question i might have. All they
would tell me was:
"Engine Code JY.. thats an 2,2litre 182 hp, not a model sold here. -No point
in giving me the Chassis number i can't tell you anything more"  (*#@!)

Ti Kan wrote:
>What you describe here sounds like the "code pulling" sequence that's
>used on the 84-85 5000S Turbo cars (KH engine).  You activate both
>the full throttle and idle switches, the tach shows 7000rpm.  You
>then press the brake pedal once and read the tach.  Depending on
>what the tach reads and whether the "check engine" light is on
>you look things up in the Bentley chart to get the message.  If there
>are more codes stored, press brake pedal again to repeat... etc.

I'm worried 'bout that part.
Would an '87 turbo (fall 86 but 87 model) act this way, even if codes should
be pulled by the fuse-method ?

Call me paranoid, but..
I bought this car from a dealer wich was doing Audi-only (99 percent or so),
and maybe he (or the former owner) has replaced the ECU with an elderly

I think it was Phil, who called it (as i recall) 'nerdy' but essential to
know excatcly what you buy.
 - -Wish i knew this list earlier...

I need to pull the codes because i have periodically Overboost (i think)  /
(Very nice pull from approx 2400rpm :^) ) / (Abrupt unplesant wakeup call,
very annoying PITA  :^(  )

But how do i check the ECU-version, and where is it placed.
There is a Bosch-box placed left under the rear seat, but it only has a
WV-number and a serial # on it.

I suppose that when you're talking about KH,MC or MB etc. -engines it means
that the enginenumber starts with the letters KH,MC or MB etc.  or am i way
off ?

Kenn Thyrsted
'87 200TQAvant
(And realizing it's hard to become Audidact)