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Urgent - my A4 scratched by kid on bicycle

Bad, bad way to start the new year - I had my car parked on our cul-de-sac
while I cleared out garbage from the garage - I seen the neighbor's kids
playing around with thier bicycles - so, I tell them not get close to the car
and one arrogant little runt does go close later, loses it on the dirt and
ploughs into the left rear door. The little guy was slightly bruised and was
terrified - I carried him home and then examined the car - there is no dent -
there is a  1 inch scratch that runs about 3 inches across - it has gone thru'
the clear coat, but not deep enough to see the metal. Question - does the
entire panel need to be resprayed? or is there some other magic way of getting
this out? Does anyone know any decent body shops in Minneapolis? Also, the kid
is doing fine and his dad is paying for the repairs.
....Mogen '98 A4 2.8 Sport Q