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Re: 4000csq belt squeeking at start

If it is the belt squealing, you can get temporary relief from belt
If that doesn't fix the noise, you know to look elsewhere.

Paul Anderson: Private email AndersonPaul@juno.com

On Fri, 2 Jan 1998 07:57:03 -0800 (PST) MICHAEL SHERIDAN WILLIAMS
<daserde@ucla.edu> writes:
>Well, first, before you go out and buy a new belt, try tightening the 
>that you have.  From my experience, belts seem to loosen after a few 
>months of use and require that they be adjusted again.  HTH
>Michael Williams
>On Thu, 1 Jan 1998, Joe Rae wrote:
>> My belts have started squeeking at start up and sometimes at idle I 
>> that it is the altinator belt.... I do not really thing it is a
>> bearing..... I HOPE NOT!!!!! anyway I have tried both tightineing 
>> loosening the alt. belt and no good.... so tomorrow I am going to 
>pick up a
>> new belt! Just a alt. belt and put it on tomorow. The funny thing is 
>that I
>> could have sworn that I put a new alt belt on the car last april or 
>> has anyone else had problems with belt squeeks and squeels??
>> thanks
>> Joe