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90 CQ outside temp probs

I just acquired a '90 Coupe Quattro and am falling in love all over again!
There's a few things that could use some work, however.  I thought perhaps
someone out there might have a solution for me!

1)  The outside temperature reading is WAY low.  On a 70 degree day, it
reads 44 degrees.  (I checked to make sure that it wasn't set on Celsius.)
I understand that there's something called a "Thermister" on the car that
reads the temp from two places... but where are they and what does this
thing look like?  I read from the 20V site that the climate control can
operate on just one (while I try to find a replacement for the other.)

2)  Does anyone have a part number for the Audi emblem on the wheel cap?
Some hooligan managed to run off with it prior to my ownership.

Thanks in advance for any help!