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RE: headlight conversion

I just purchased an early '86 5ktq that had this conversion.  If anyone else
wants to backdate their headlights, I'm offering up the bezels, buckets, wiring
leads, and existing lamps for $45 + shipping.  Another $10 throws in the grille
and other forward trim pieces.

Dave et al,
  If you do have this conversion, you may want to also go the H4/H1 4"x6"
Euro headlamps as well.  This will substantially increase your light output and
is also reasonably inexpensive.  I got mine from Rapid Parts in NY for $30 per
lamp/reflector (H4 or H1) and got my bulbs locally for $7 (per 80/100w H4) and
$5 (per 100w H1).  Custom wiring harness and relays are recommended as
well.  Total cost for my project was ~$150 for lamps, bulbs, relays and wiring

Food for thought,

Stott Hare
Application Developer
Policy Administration Team