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Re: Leaky Brake Fluid Reservoir

Thanks to all here who helped on my leaky reservoir. Turns out that it was
just the grommets, no cracks in the reservior as I feared may be the case
after some of the replies. This job was *very* easy as I thought it would be.
I feared it may be more difficult as I was told these are a PITA to replace on
VW MC's. Some notes for those with simular problems that e-mailed me for
comments afterwards:

The Obvious--I'm sure most of us already know brake fluid eats paint...be VERY
careful when doing this job cuz you will be bathing in it!!!!!

Lots of rags (thanks Steve B.) are required.

DO plan to either replace or clean the reservoir. You will be amazed at the
amount of crud in there. It is not easy to get clean by swishing fluid inside
as was advised...mine still has some crud that wouldn't come out. Do your best
or replace it and be done with it.

Plan to flush and pressure bleed if not recently done...mine was right after I
bought the car (5k miles ago) so I didn't and it was not required.

The hose to the clutch MC will most likely need to have an inch or so snipped
off and/or a hose clamp to secure it again. Make sure you have enough extra
length to snip it (I did) or plan to replace (better plan).

After putting this all back together I was amazed anyone actualy puts pressure
to the reservoir top for pressure bleeding...I could see it blowing off and
spraying fluid everywhere with just a little too much pressure--be

No more puddles of brake fluid on the carport, and better still no warning
buzzer/light telling me I need to top it up yet again. Thanks again to all who
helped in advising on this seemingly simple and trivial repair...it was just
that ;-)

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq