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V8 For Sale

> 91 AUDI V8  QUATTRO black w/ black int., 8 cylinder,
> 5 spd.,
> 190,000mi., Former Audio Company Executive. Over
> $30,000 retail
> worth of audio components by Nakamichi.. Please call
> and drive this
> beautiful car. $33,999 (Allen Ahi (416)-373-1122)
> >North York,, ON

I've had trade-in appraisals done on cars that had
various after-market improvements (including major
audio components). The unfortunate reality is dealers
(who control a large portion of the market) give very
little, if anything, for after-market improvements.
According to the Kelly Blue Book (www.kbb.com), the
retail value of the car as described, including every
possible audio upgrade you can choose on kbb's form in
my Zip Code (WA) is $18K. I've seen '91 V8Q's with less
miles, trade for a less than that. Best of luck to Mr.
Ahi! GregJ