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re: piston for mc engine; overheating of cylinders.

You wrote:
<<In message <19980102135914.5674.qmail@hotmail.com> "Mike Del Tergo" writes:

> I can see why an extra injector or use of cold start injector for added 
> fuel under WOT could cause uneven fuel/air mixture, but why under "high 
> boost"(can you quantify), assuming CIS equates fuel delivery across 
> cylinders, are we talking unequal air across cyls?  Any recommended fix?>>

Phil Payne replied:
<<Still working on it.
The Motronic system, which times injection pulses to met the induction cycle 
and also permits fuel volume adjustment per cylinder, obviously solves some of
these issues.  Maybe that was one of the reasons it was developed.  As far as
know, the 20Vs don't suffer from this.>>

I have read that with higher boost/chip mods, the 3B engine can burn the same
two pistons; I believe that Ned Ritchie's modified exhaust manifold was
designed to provide better cooling to these cylinders to minimize such
potential burning.  The problem could also result from design of the water
jacket on the block, couldn't it?  Also: didn't the 3B engine that Mark Nelson
purchased have low compression in one cylinder? related?

Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com, 91 200q (stock)