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Re: Being one's own mechanic

Andrew Buc <72220.443@compuserve.com> wrote, in part:

>A friend (who also had a 96) was giving me some help at this time, and he said 
>that he'd had a Corvair when he was in college, and he did his own work on it 
>and kept it going because he had to. I'm inclined to think he has a certain 
>aptitude for this stuff, and w/o that aptitude, no amount of necessity would 
>have given birth to invention. 

>Comments on all this?
An Audi is much more complex than a Corvair.  The Corvair also has a vastly 
better service manual.  Both, however, require special tools for many repair 

Kirby    (Kirby A. Smith)
2 X 1988 90q
1 X 1966 Corvair Corsa