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Why you might want to avoid the discount oil shops...

Another horror story; a friend of mine brought his '93 Honda Accord to
the local Jiffy Lube to have the oil and filter changed.  His wife picked
up the car, drove it about a mile and noticed the Check Engine light came
on.  She immediately pulled over, shut off the engine, and explained what
had happened to her husband.  When he checked the car over, he found that
there was next to no oil left in the engine; you could still see the trail
of oil on the road leading back to the Jiffy Lube place.  It turns out they
installed the oil filter without the gasket; he's in the process of taking
them to court to cover the damage!

It seems to me this supports the old adage, "you get what you pay for"...

Happy Motoring!
  Ron - '94 90CSQ Sport
On Sun, 28 Dec 1997, Luis Patino wrote:

> Don't go to jiffy lube or any of the other McOilshops. They do not know 
> your car, so they can really mess it up as it has happened to many Audi 
> owners before.
> Go to an Audi and/or Volkswagen dealer. They should charge less than $30 
> and use the proper care, oil and filter for your car. (Here in San Diego, 
> California, USA they charge around $ 25-28).
> Good luck,
> Luis - 85 4ksq