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Re: crack in circuit board

Joan  Kotjarapoglus <jkot+@pitt.edu> said:

     I just learned that our 1989 audi 100 has a hairline crack in the printed
    circuit board behind the speedo and tach  on the instrument panel.
     Has anyone had a similiar problem and how did you solve
    it.  Is there a special trick to soldering the crack?

Just recently fixed my wife's 1988 90q instrument panel which had this problem. 
You can take the panel apart and solder a wire over the crack.  (You have to 
locate it first.)  Just scrape a bit on each side to expose bare copper, use a 
soldering iron set to a temperature that doesn't smoke the solder rosen, and 
solder a lead (from a spare resistor, say) across the crack.  Then cut off the 
unwanted part of the resistor.  Contact me for more details if you wish.  (Next 
planned email access is Monday eve.)

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