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Re: distributor cap and rotor

Michael Jue wrote:

> John, Dan, & Paul:
> Like Dan, I have a new rotor in my hand that looks like the one that's
> on there now.  I'm pretty sure it's the right part.  I called somebody
> at the parts dept. at the dealer and she said that it looks like you do
> have to replace the whole distributor on the 20 valve, but she wasn't
> sure and the audi mechanic had gone home for the day.  Sure seems stupid
> that you have to replace the entire distributor.  I got the new rotor
> from Europarts, and I think they know what they're doing.  I don't want
> to split the old rotor in half if I can't put the new one on.  Any other
> thoughts or recollections on this matter?
> Mike
> 1990 90q/20v

 I could see it, if the think had platinum electrodes. But no glue. The
kind of think you see from GM or Ford.
Whats next? Glue on the tires.

1990 CQ