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Re: 4000csq belt squeeking at start

On Fri, 2 Jan 1998, Phil Payne wrote:

> In message <> Joe Rae writes:
> > My belts have started squeeking at start up and sometimes at idle I believe
> > that it is the altinator belt.... I do not really thing it is a
> > bearing..... I HOPE NOT!!!!! anyway I have tried both tightineing and
> > loosening the alt. belt and no good.... so tomorrow I am going to pick up a
> > new belt! Just a alt. belt and put it on tomorow. The funny thing is that I
> > could have sworn that I put a new alt belt on the car last april or may????
> > has anyone else had problems with belt squeeks and squeels??
> The turbo cars (especially the ur-quattro) are sometimes afflicted by noisy air 
> seals.  What sounds like a belt squeal is in fact air being drawn in to the 
> engine past a leaky crankshaft oil seal.
> The same problem is theoretically possibly on non-turbos, though I've never 
> encountered it.  The test is to pull the dipstick with the engine squealing, 
> and see if the noise changes.
> -- 
>  Phil Payne
>  Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club
Very good answer as usual, Phil. What I am curious about is, how do you
know that seal is bad aside from the noise? External leaks? Probably
before summer, I shall replace the clutch on my 87 5kt... original and
holding tight so far at 175k miles. Am  not hearing any weird squeaks, but
I assume this would be an opportune time to change that seal.