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UrQ break woes

Hello all,

I've just completed an upgrade to Grilling 60 breaks on my 83 UrQ and I
have a soft break peddle that goes to the floor only when the car is
on.  Here's what I've done so far:

G60 callipars
90 200Q master cylinder
Stainless Steal lines
and I've rebuilt the hydraulic booster.

The pedal stays firm when the car is off and goes to the floor in one
smooth motion when firm pressure is applied to the break peddle.  When a
less pressure is applied, the peddle goes 3/4 to the floor then slows,
pulsing, then goes to the floor.  At first I thought that the hydraulic
booster needed to be rebuilt but the problem still persisted after the
rebuilt was done.  There is no air in the system because the break
peddle is firm when the car is off.  The hydraulic reservoir is full,
I've doubled checked for leaks and I can't figure it out.

My next step is to check out the bomb or the pump.  Does anyone have any
hints, ideas, or experiences with the same symptoms.


Chris Tucker