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Re: FWD - Colorado Legislation (gnash)

Dennis Braber writes (and I am glad he does):

> As a Coloradan, that remark is unfair. The National 55 limit could not be
> blamed on _all_ Americans. I think very carefully about legislation before
> voting, and am very active politicaly to try to have some voice in just such
> situations. This is the first I have heard of this, which means someone is
> trying to _sneak_ this through. Lets form a _united_ front to stop this sort
> of "We know more about what's good for you" liberal crap! Trust me..
> Legislatures _Do Not_ vote the wishes of their constiuents.
> Dennis Graber
> County & State Delegate

Thanks for the response, Dennis!  As an American, I politely disagree with
you, to some extent anyway, about your first statement.  At least insofar
as those Americans who did not write to their congress-critters and raise
holy hell about the outrage being perpetrated by the national 55 mph limit.

And yes, I am among the guilty.  I apologize for my sloth.

And I agree that we need to form an United front.  That's why I *forwarded*
the message to this list.  And we seem to have *lots* of Quattro-owning [5
points for list relevance] Coloradans here, so...

BTW, someone said that this was only aimed at the jacked-up trucks, so one
shouldn't fret.  The way I understand the meaning of "any," as in used in
the bill applying to "any operator," it doesn't matter where they *aim* the
bloody thing if it hits you where it hurst, as in *your* suspension.

Finally, I think you meant to stick the word "against" somewhere in your
last sentence; and if you did, I would agree only if the sentence were
modified somewhat by adding something like  "unless someone persuades
(waves money at) them to do so."  I don't mean that unkindly in your case,
but 1) obviously not all constitutents have the same interests (thus
creating a conflict for the poor legislator) and b) legislators often find
that money is a dandy way of resolving such conflicts.

But a large volume, produced by a large number of angry constituents, does
often produce results!  That's a hint, Coloradans...

yer kindly ol' Unka Bart