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Re: 82 4000S No Start

   My newly purchased 82 4000s has been trouble free until this morning.

   Last night was the first really cold night here in Philly(10=B0). When I
   went out to start the car this afternoon(temp still in the 20's) the
   starter would crank fine but the car just wouldn't fire-up and run. I
   tried without gas for several times. Then with giving it gas as I turned
   the key and starter. Nothing.  After cranking a while the starter began
   to sound slower so I removed the battery and put acharger on it.

   This is the first (believe it or not) fuel injected car I have owned so
   I'm not sure what to check or look for. I have a feeling its a moisture
   problem-possible water in the lines or injectors that froze. I took off
   the spark plug closest to the front and it was dry as a bone.

   Any suggestions?

Two. As otherwhere suggested, it might just be water in some fuel line
froze up. Dry Gas the sucker (once it warms up and thaws out).

Alternatively, your Cold Start Injector might not be working. The CSI
is responsible for dumping lotsa raw gas into the intake manifold (aka
"enrichening the mixture"). Pop off the CSI and see if it squirts when
you crank the engine (***WARNING*** the gas will come out at 80-100PSI;
make very sure you can safely capture the gas in a nice container of 
some sort -- you don't want to end up holding a flame thrower!).

Of course, one of the reknowned AudiThermoGremlins may have decided to
take up residence in your vehicle (fuel pump relay sticks "OFF", etc.).
My condolences, and good luck!