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RE: S2 Engine dilemma (sorta long)

Hi Mike,

<< Sprongl's engine is Audi motorsport w/ Motronic EFI. No ISV and no
air flow meter. It is convenient and powerful.>>

I've talked to Sprongl about his engine...turns out that the engine and
drivetrain in his car are all out of the last evolution Gr. B UrQ's from
the 1984 WRC season.  Everything on that car is all Audi Sport pieces,
and that 10vt is one potent motor.

<<How about puting Motec on 10V and learning to program it so that later
on you know how to use it. Several people I know damaged their first EFI
installation project engines because tuning is not easy. You probably
will only need second set of sensors and another crank trigger. >>

MoTec is what I would like to run on the 20vt, but at around $4000 for
the ECU, wiring harness, sensors, etc., it's a pricey option at this
point.  Actually, I am very keen on Motronic, and after talking with Jim
Conforti (BMW Motronic guru whom other listers have talked to) I am VERY
keen on his software for modifying Motronic boxes.  The only unfortunate
problem with this whole thing is that we're going to have to either
build or buy an engine dyno to experiment with settings.  Not an
impossibility, but it is going to take some time to do the development.

<<You can also try water injection. That will help if you run high boost
with small(not large enough) intercooler.>>

I am planning on running a spray bar on the intercooler, and am leaning
heavily towards putting a 6th injector on the intake.

<<Dialynx uses ERL and it is great. If all you get out of this is
understanding of how to use EFI for rally I think it is worth it.Look at
how much trouble Rui had to go through before he sorted out his cars.
Sprongl is fortunate in that he uses EFI that was preprogrammed for him
to match his engine. Bruno is in the same situation. You will have to
develop your own. It is not fun, but a necessity. >>

I don't believe Rui's had any problems with his new car relating to the
MoTec...I'm sure Ron Wood can provide some insight to this =).  

<<The best CIS in rally is not nearly as good as EFI. You can also learn
how to better take advantage of improved volumetric efficiency that your
machining will 
provide. There will be teething problems this year anyway no matter what

you do(exept hire JB to build and service). Might as well live through
all. I had to make this desidion last year and I elected to do it.>>

Basically I just want to make a relatively strong and reliable power
plant and work out the bugs on the rest of the car.  Getting my driving
skills up to snuff is going to be the other chore involved =).  I agree
that EFI is better, but right now CIS will do fine for me, until the
20vt is built.

In the meantime, I am just about finished sand blasting the car, and am
going to begin seem welding and removing extraneous pieces with a plasma
cutter, today.  We hope to begin building the roll cage and front
subframe next weekend.

-mark nelson