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Re:1988-90 Q Info needed

At 04:34 PM 1/3/98 -0000, you wrote:
>Going to look at a 1988, 90Q tomorrow.
>Has 75,000 miles. One owner, Audi mechanic.
>Does this model have any inherent glitches?
>All feedback appreciated.

- Check to see if the diff lock works; they often have vacuum problems or
the switch in the center console has had soda spilled on it.
- Check for noisy lifters; it could also be the vacuum pump making the noise.
- Check for stable idle; ISV could need cleaning or vacuum leaks in hoses
to ISV.
- Check on big breather hose from crankcase to valve cover; it breaks down
and causes massive vacuum leak.
- Make sure emergency brake cables aren't frozen and rear brakes work
- Make sure all speeds on a/c fan work; the switch and/or the resistor pack
are prone to failure.
- Check for leaks around radiator and aux radiator; they are usually the
sign of impending radiator doom
- Check for signs of impending door lock problems
- Check drivers door 'b' pillar for build date; later builds (March '88 or
later) had fewer problems
- Ask if it burns oil; you might not get an honest answer but it's hard to
tell from a short test drive.
- If you happen to bring along a multimeter, check for idle/full throttle
switch operation (it's more of a pain to replace than the ones on the turbo
cars, and just as failure prone).

Other than those, just check for the usual things (leaking rack, window
switches, make sure brake fluid is clear in container, exhaust, etc.)
Overall they are a lot simpler than the turbo cars or the 20v 90's (but
more complicated than the 4k).  Good luck!.............SLM

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