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DC show

I went to the DC auto show today.  It definitely wasn't as good as something
you'd see in Frankfurt or anything, but I was very impressed with the BMW
750i.  It was a really awesome car.  For my own purposes, I'd rather own an
A8, which I sat in.  The new A6's look great, but I think the cabroliet is a
little tired.  The sedan's look sportier than the cab now!   Anyway, It was
all in all a fun show...  I wonder who won that Mazda Millenia.  (There was a
"hands-on" contest wherein whoever stayed in contact with the car the longest
wins it.)  The two people who were there today (Saturday) have been touching
the car since Monday morning!  When the show closes, though, and there's a
tie, I think they're going to flip a coin.  IT would suck to lose after all of
that hard work.

An Audi Lover if one Ever Existed,
Ron Holsey