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Fuel odor

Hey everyone.  How is the new year going?  Well, I have a little problem to
start off 1998 with.   On my 86 5kTQ I am smelling some fuel odor once in a
while and I am getting really bad gas mileage.  I guess I am getting 18 or
19 mpg city/highway combination.  Usually I would get about 22 or 23, which
I never thought was that great either.  Anyway, the O2 sensor is not very
old, well I guess it is about 15,000 miles old.  Other than that the thing
seems to run really well.  No problems other than that.  Once in a while it
would backfire on starting but that hasn't happened since I cleaned and
blew out the control pressure regulator.  Any suggestions?  Too rich, fuel
leak somewhere, what?  Thanks for the help.

James Fawcett
Bitchin' '86 Audi 5KTQ
(314) 477-1415