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Re: Whats your

>> Mine
>> 84 Coupe GT, that's hurting real bad
>Ditto, my back-up is my old daily driver, 84 Coupe GT,
>and probably hurting worse!
>-Douglas Hurst Quebbeman (dougq@iglou.com)           

Well, my "daily driver" is an 84 Coupe GT. I can't complain though, i'm 
only a kid. It really doesn't have a backup but it should be running 
better now. It got new subframe bushings today (what a PITA) tomorrow 
new front wheel bearings and front hubs. Soon a new windshield and 
radiator. And the crazy little car just turned 14! 

Keith Fahlgren

with the "i can walk" system of backing up a car

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