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RE: New Beetle Pic

I found it interesting that VW will be showing the car simultaneously at
the San Jose auto show as well.  I'm actually glad to see it ... the
show wasn't much to speak of before.  Last year one of my main
motivations was the opportunity to meet Chuck Yeager [I did!] and to
check out the A8.  Surprisingly enough, the bow-tie folks deigned to
show the new 'vette there then too!  I only wish that Audi would have
rolled their display from Anaheim to San Jose this year ... I almost
convinced the wife to let me spend the $38 each way to fly down there,
but I was still a bit tired from driving back ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> ----------
> 	VW will be running live pics of the new Beetle at the Detroit
> show
> starting the 5th on their webpage http://www.vw.com   and VW AG will
> be as
> well at their Beetle section of the German page at
> http://www.vw-online.com
> and http://www.beetle.de/starter/index.de they already have a small
> profile
> pic of the production ready bug up for viewing. Check it out-G