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ABS algorithms ...

I buried this question in a prior post on this, but since I didn't hear
anything back ... when I opened the ABS controller that I pulled out of
an '87 5kCSQ and compared the guts to the box from my '88 5kCSQW they
appeared to be identical (the boxes had identical Bosch and Audi
numbers) with the exception of two large DIP packages (~40 pin 0.6"cc).
In each box the two parts were identical ... but differed from one box
to the other.  The older box had chips in ceramic packages, while the
'88 had plastic.  The thing that interested me was that the designations
were similar, but almost appeared to be a revision change from the old
box.  Does anyone know if there has been any refinement of the ABS
algorithm along the way ... specifically in the 5k/200 quattros?

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)