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Re: increasing idle

At 10:55 PM 1/3/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Thanks, I didn't even know this switch existed. The things that I've had the
>mechanic look at is the idle stabilization system.

There's actually 2 switches in there - one is the WOT switch - that's the
wide open throttle switch. Its a leaf switch that increases the fuel mixture
(by going open loop on the frequency valve to a preset value) - this switch
activates at about 2/3 throttle opening.

The other switch is an actual microswitch. Present only on manual
transmission models (all tqs), it bypasses the FI sensor plate when you let
off the gas, allowing it to fall to the normal idle position. This occurs
during decel until 1200 rpm - when the decel valve closes. Either the
microswitch goes bad or the solder joints crack at the bottom of the switch.
A new microswitch run under 3.00 at a decent electronics store.

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