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Re: Audi Marketing Miscues (Some German, No Audi Content)

Interesting, but when Bill Clinton went to Berlin in his first term I
understand that he said, "Ich bin ein Beginner." 

Regards, Gross Scruggs

>Date: Thu, 1 Jan 1998 10:23:39 +0000
>From: "Douglas Hurst Quebbeman" <dougq@iglou.com>
>Subject: Re: Audi Marketing Miscues (Some German, No Audi Content)
>This list of marketing mishaps was certainly amusing.
>If you think about it (I try not to), politicians are also 
>"marketeers" (even the good ones). Which brings me
>to this anecdote I'm sure some, but perhap not all are
>aware of.
>When Pres. John F. Kennedy gave his famous speech in Berlin,
>he used the phrase "Ich bin ein Berliner" to indicate his solidaity
>with the citizens of Berlin; instead,he should have said "Ich bin 
>"Ich bin ein Berliner" means "I am a jelly donut".
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