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Re: Headlight Conversion Preference Query

Tony Lum wrote:

> Doug,
> I've made the switch back and I'm satisfied with the light output.  My
> stock headlights were so frosted inside they looked more like shower glass
> doors than headlights, so I got a set of older lights and grill for $300
> from German Auto Salvage in Berkeley.  Before installing them I ground off
> 2 of "keys" which will allow me to run 9007 lights (which I'll use with
> relays) for a little more intensity.
> -Tony

I just cleaned the inside of the headlights on my 87 yesterday, they
had the same shower glass effect. One question, how are you using 9007s
in older lights?

84 5KT (euro areo lights w/100w H4s)
87 5KCST (stockers, but clean!)
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