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Audi stuff organised

Hi all,

I've spent a day shopping at Ikea, and consequently a day building what
I've bought (for those of you not in the know, Ikea's the Swedish furniture
store where all stuff is sold as assemble-it-yourself, and consequently
relatively cheap). One of my purchases was a bookcase, to finally organise
my collection of Audi books, videos, brochures, accessory/tuning brochures,
magazines etc. After discovering it was incomplete in some respects (of
course, Ikea's closed today!) and devising several solutions to assemble it
anyhow (mucho expletives!) I can now say that the bookcase is ready, not to
mention full of Audi stuff.

Now that I know what I have, I'm going to catalogue everything (to complete
the lists sent by various people recently) and to sell off/give away any
extras I might have.

Looking at all the accumulated stuff, I've been hoarding a bit the last
couple of years...

Sorry for the BW