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problem with QFOM idea

   Well, I know it hasn't been very long, but after an initial "hey, let's
check this out" period, people have stopped looking at the QFOM.

   This seems to indicate that most everyone missed the point of the FOM.
You have to contribute to it; you can't just look at it and say "oh,
there's nothing here, darn."  If you need a category made, ask me!  If you
need help, ask me or check out the link to the FOM user's guide!  But
please, the whole idea revolves around people adding stuff.  Even if
they're small tidbits!
   I will say that several people responded with comments like "looks cool"
and "good step taking the initiative to start it"...now that I've started
it, others need to come in and help.  It is as successful as you want it to

   So, a request.  Please, please, please!  Add stuff!  I was hoping that
people would start adding things that appeared in the list after I
announced it.  If you answer a question to someone directly, could you also
take the time to put it in the QFOM?  It's quite easy to just paste the
text from the email you may have already made, tweak it slightly, and boom,
you're done.  2-3min work max.
Remember, you can always come back and add/change etc. later.

   In the meantime, to encourage folks, I will be keeping my eye out for
new posts about stuff and adding answers that I see to the QFOM myself, but
you people should take the initiative!

Thanks for the understanding, and I hope more people will take it upon
themselves to help.

As of Monday evening, the QFOM will be back at:
I plan on making a link from /cgi-bin/fom to fom.html to simplify stuff for

If you want to add stuff right now(hint hint), use:



Brett Dikeman
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