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FS: '85 4kq (updated)

I'm reposting my silver '85 4kq.  As I had mentioned before, I was going
to do an MC 10vt transplant on the car, but it looks like I'm going to
be using the engine in my S2.  Since I don't have the time to tackle the
project, I've decided to offer it to the list, so here's the rundown.

'85 4000S Quattro - 101K miles.  NA 10V is still in the car and runs
fine.  The car is silver/brown cloth (interior is immaculate).  There is
a large dent in the driver's side door (was this way when I bought it),
so either the door needs to be pulled or replaced.  The rest of the car
is fine.  The front bodywork (i.e. grill, headlights, bumper cover,
etc.) has been removed in preparation for the car to be repainted
silver, but everything is there.  I also have the original 14" Ronals
which are of little use since they won't clear the G60's.

Here's a list of things that I have done to the car of which almost all
the parts (except calipers) are brand new (literally no miles):
-new rebuilt axles at all corners
-new front ball joints
-new KYB inserts
-new Eibach Pro-kit springs
-new bushings on control arms and subframe all the way around
-new stainless brake lines
-new ATE ventilated and laser-etched rotors all the way around - they
have been cross-drilled and anodized gold
-rebuilt Girling 60 calipers in the front (off my CQ) which are already
-moving the front 4kq single piston calipers to the back (can now run
ventilated disks).  I have not made the brackets for these calipers yet.
-new PBR metal master brake pads
-2 new Wilwood mechanical spot caliper (to act as e-brake).  they are
still in the box.
-New Dunlop SP Sport 8000 225/40ZR16's on new Borbet Type C 16x7.5's.
(yes they fit)

So basically the only things the car needs to make it a driver again is
the rear brakes finished up and the front trim pieces and bumper cover
put back on.  The paint is in decent shape with the only real ugly spot
being the driver's door which I would recommend just replacing.  The
suspension and the brakes on the car were all painted when I was
rebuilding them.  The subframes and control arms are gloss back, while
the strut housings are silver.  The brake calipers are painted yellow
and the caliper brackets were anodized gold.  This looks VERY hot
through the Borbets =).  Anyway, pictures are at
http://www.quattrosport.com.  They aren't very good, but I can take some
better shots if there's interest.

I am offering the car for $3900/offer.  I have another '86 4kq that I am
using a daily driver right now, so it's very possible that car will get
the 10vt treatment the silver one was supposed to get =).

-mark nelson