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Re: "60 Minutes"

EFergu6410 wrote:
> Mios Dios, _please_ don't bring that up again, as my dad was an
> audi/vw/porsche dealer at that time, we DON'T have fond memories. 

Well, in hindsight Audi obviously blew it by not pursuing a lawsuit
against CBS.
If there is a positive note this subject, it allowed some of us to
purchase a fine auto that would have been out of our financial reach at
the time. Purchased my 84 5KT in 87 for 7K. only had 48K miles. Sticker
(which was still in the glove box) was 25.5K. Itís got 220K on it now.
Without that experience I never would have bought a second one.

Lets see, if only we can get Dan Rather to drill holes in 46ft Bertram
sportfishers and bad mouth Maui beachfront property.......;-)

84 5KT
87 5KCST