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Re: Wheel Bearing size

Last week I posted a message quoting a parts person as
saying all WB (68,75,82) will accept the same hubs.  This
is not true. Thanks to Stott Hare who provided me with the
size info. on the 75 mm bearings I have been able to
compile the following table. The 68 mm bearing I measured
was used, and I neglected to get a measurement for width. 
All measurements are rounded to the nearest mm.  

OD      ID      W
68       39
75       42      37  
82       42      37

>From this and what I have gleaned from the parts books I
have read, the 75 and 82 bearings use the same hub.


> From: Hare,Stott (X) <HAREST@Allenbrook.iix.com>
What I do know is the dimensions of the rear wheel bearings
on a 4kq ==> 42mm x 75mm x 37mm assuming ID x OD x
  I'll get back to you when I confirm this...


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> Subject:	Wheel Bearing size
> According to the person on duty at Prestige Import's
> dept.,  wheel bearings for Audi have the same inside
> diameter. That is the 82 mm, 75 mm, and 68 mm OD wheel
> bearings can all accept the same hub.
> Can any of you confirm or deny this before I start
> parts in the morning?  I need BTDT's for this one folks!
> Thanks,
> Bruce Bell
> bbell04@ibm.net