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Re: Bentley's and Microfiche (was: Fault codes)

Flemming Christensen <fl.christensen@get2net.dk> wrote:

>In spite of that I am still considering bying a Bentley, because it's
>readily available.
>But I'm wondering if Bentley's '84-'88 5000 manual will best cover my
>'88 100t euro (VIN # JN252720), featuring the MC-1 turbo engine(157bhp),
>an 016 APR manual gearbox with electronic speedosender,
>bolt_instead_off_nut outer CV's, new dashboard, new doorhandles, etc.?
>Would it also cover the MC-2 engine, that appered 10-88 according to UK
>Or would I want the Bentley '89-'91 spec 100/200 manual?

The latter, I'd say. The US model years are always one or two behind the
European market. We got the new 80 in late '86, for instance- '88 for the



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