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Tire sizes

In message <199801051535.KAA10842@kaleigh.kumhotech.com> "Rudy Consolacion" writes:

> I'd like to comment on the temporary spare tire. The reason why the 
> speed is limited to a max of 50 mph is to keep the average driver out 
> of trouble.  The handling capability is much lower than a full size 
> tire.

I've parked mine in the garage, and I run with a full-size spare in the ur-
quattro.  This may not be an option in the US version, because of the rear 
bumper attachment.  It takes 1/3rd of the boot space in mine ...

But I've often wondered, staring at the digestive biscuit stacked at the end of 
the garage, whether anyone has ever put _FOUR_ on an ur-quattro and tried to 
throw it around a bit?

If not, is anyone game for a try at the next UK track day?  An ur-quattro on 
four motorcycle tyres?

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club